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Welcome to Pro Flooring Installers Columbus where top-notch craftsmanship meets exceptional durability. Our exclusive Flooring Warranty goes beyond mere promises; it’s your guarantee for long-lasting peace of mind.

Lifetime Craftsmanship Assurance

Swiftly address any installation issues with timely repairs or replacements. Rest assured, all costs are covered.

Lifetime Integrity Guarantee

Experience flaw-free floors. Our integrity guarantee safeguards against any gaps or imperfections after installation.

Comprehensive Protection Promise

Should accidents occur, count on us. Pro Flooring Installers Columbus stands ready to replace or repair any damaged flooring.

1. Lifetime Craftsmanship Assurance

Concerned about potential installation defects? Relax. Our warranty guarantees the prompt resolution of any such issues. We’re committed to ensuring your floors remain flawless throughout the warranty period.

2. Lifetime Integrity Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our unwavering commitment to rectifying any errors at no additional cost during the warranty period. Our goal is to maintain the perfection of your floors, allowing you to relish them hassle-free for years to come.

3. Comprehensive Protection Promise

For larger installation projects, we go the extra mile by providing an additional box of full-size planks. These surplus materials serve as a safeguard against damage and enable seamless repairs within the warranty timeframe, preserving the pristine appearance of your floors for years to come.

Please note:

  • If the extra box of planks is not received within seven days post-installation, kindly notify Pro Flooring Installers Columbus to ensure timely resolution.
  • Additional materials beyond the provided surplus box can be purchased at retail price.
  • Claims made during the warranty period may incur a trip fee based on Pro Flooring Installers Columbus’s current rate.
  • Exclusions: Damage caused by furniture or seating with rolling casters or wheels is not covered under this guarantee.

The Flooring Warranty from Pro Flooring Installers Columbus is tailored specifically for residential purchasers. This comprehensive warranty becomes effective upon full payment and successful installation, remaining valid as long as the flooring remains in its original location and the original purchaser resides in the home. To initiate warranty service or arrange an inspection, simply reach out to our dedicated Customer Service team. We reserve the right to conduct thorough inspections and replace components as needed, all geared towards ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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